The Scary Truth!

Why the Market Will FAIL for those that believe it will.

Let me be clear that we will be entering a RECESSION in 2023, and that is without a doubt in my mind. However, one thing I will bet my bottom dollar is that the market will FAIL for YOU in 2023, meaning you will recess [Definition: the act of receding; recessionary -a period of temporary economic decline in which trade and industrial activity are reduced…] in your income, finances, and lifestyle – only if you believe for it to happen to you

Let Me Explain.

Since the inception of recessions in the United States, with the first being the Panic of 1797, our country has ALWAYS been the center of economic ups and downs and one thing is for certain during downturns; massive amounts of wealth were created in areas like real estate, transportation, and technology, just to name a few. The strange phenomena of the building fear that bubbles up whenever there are talks of the next recession are always overblown and overestimated. Now, don’t get me wrong. We will likely see, a continued change in the value of the U.S. Dollar in 2023 as inflation bites away our value, and commerce may look different, but it is not the end of the world folks!

Like never before, this recession will be “open for business” for those that want to shop in that market. Remember the old saying, “you’ll have what you say.” If all your energy is consumed by what will not work or the opportunities you miss out on because of the recession, you will blindly pass by the opportunities that can only be conjured up because of a recession– like discounted assets, distressed businesses for sale, greater opportunities for strategic partnership, an increased focus on customer-centered relationship (and technologies that support them) and loosened lending practices in certain areas set aside for unique project types (due to the slow).

Put your head up and smile! The world is not coming to an end and neither are you as long as you don’t tuck your tail and go runnin’ for the hills.

Instead, try the following (and report back):

  1. Focus on your strengths and grow your market beyond your current circles to increase your viability in the market.
  2. It’s time to bear down and get QUIETLY Creative. Silence the noise of distractions and begin to pour out the innovation, creation, and wisdom that is stored within you and is awaiting you to BURST forward. Write it down as a plan to execute.
  3. Get a Mentor to help you along the way. And yes, you can do without one… but is it worth it to avoid the needless expensive mistakes and avoidable pitfalls on your journey if at all possible.
  4. Calmly remind yourself of who you are, not allowing self-doubts and fears to infiltrate your mental space.
  5. Win the Day. Simply put, continue to do business, win deals, invest in real estate, hire employees and create a better experience for your customers every day.

This life we live is a LONG GAME, as we would hope it to be. It’s about who can withstand the RAIN. Don’t get caught up in the hype of a pending recession/depression or anything of the like.

Keep your head down and JUST KEEP SWIMMING!



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