Principles to Build a $1 Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio

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The saying is “practice makes perfect.” But can you practice your way into wealth and affluence? Can you train in skills that will promote your ability into building a $1 Million Dollar Real Estate business? Are there principles that make people live abundant life?  Yes, Absolutely!

In the “Principles to Build a $1 Million Real Estate Portfolio,”  we discuss the skillsets and discipline that are required for you to earn an abundant life, starting by applying that knowledge to acquire a $1 Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio.


The correct mindset and skillset are incredibly important on your way to building wealth, especially in real estate. Consequently, if you lack a well-defined plan backed with consistent discipline you have a higher chance to lose everything you have endeavored to build. In this workshop, we talk about the skillset you need to accomplish the following:

  • Build a $1 Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio
  • How to Achieve the Attitude of a Winner
  • How to Overcome Self-Doubt during Challenges
  • How to be Masterful with Your Money
  • Learn Strategies for Growing Wealth in Real Estate
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