Consulting Services For Business Owners

Over the last decade, Jalen Uboh has established a portfolio of award-winning businesses in real estate, healthcare, transportation, government relations, consulting, and education, which has given him a wealth of experience that he wishes to share with the world through a variety of consulting services listed below.


Core Business Operations Services

Optimizing operations and utilizing new technologies is critical for any business.Our Core Business Operations team supports the heart of your business through the transformation of existing technology platforms to drive innovation, improve financial performance, and accelerate speed to market.

Customers & Marketing

Modern customers expect to be treated less like customers and more like real people. Whether they are customers, citizens, patients, or employees, they expect to be connected within the moments that matter, with relevant solutions for their real-life wants and needs.

We can help you transform with purpose and create new growth through satisfying human experiences using our skills in strategy, innovation, design, technology, operations, and data analytics.

Enterprise Technology & Performance

To maximize the effect and value of investments in finance, supply chain, and IT operations, a comprehensive view of essential business processes is required, beginning with strategy and progressing through process design and technology enablement. We assist you from point A to point B.

Human Capital

To combat modern-day challenges within HR, JUBOH Companies’ Human Capital services leverage research, analytics, and industry insights to help design and execute critical programs from business-driven HR to innovative talent, leadership, and change programs. In addition, we can assist you in doing the same for your business.

Strategy & Analytics

The Strategy & Analytics team at JUBOH Companies produces bold concepts and takes decisive action based on leading information. We design growth transformation and value generation strategies. We employ digital innovation to unleash corporate value through the power of technology.

Audit, Assurance & Tax

Bright minds. Flexible, trusted processes. World-class technologies. A commitment to strive for excellence—and then raise the bar. That’s how JUBOH Audit & Assurance can deliver an impact beyond your expectations.

JUBOH delivers a holistic and coordinated approach to complex tax issues. Business Tax subject matter and industry specialists will assist you with your global tax challenges and help you to transform your tax department, and to create greater impact for your organization.

Cyber & Strategic Risk

It’s time to go on the offense and define the field of play on your terms. Because risk is never static and, if allowed, will shrink the parameters of your opportunity. But not if you can expose it first.

We provide intelligence and acuity that dynamically reframes risk, transcending a manual, reactive paradigm. Let us provide visibility and actionable insights that enable you to not only manage threats but get out in front of them—and put your next opportunity in play.

Ready to jump-start success in your business?

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