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Meet Jalen Uboh – Executive Chairman & CEO

real estate developer, business growth strategist, government contractor - SERIAL ENTREPRENeUR

Whether you’re just starting or working towards your first multi-million dollar government contract or your business simply needs HR/Payroll Services – Jalen Uboh and his team at JUBOH Companies International Inc. have the expertise and network of connections to help you generate the exceptional future you dream of.

Since a very young age, entrepreneurship has fueled Uboh’s ambitions to represent four successful companies before even reaching his mid-twenties. Jalen has successfully built a Multi-Million Dollar Business empire and completed projects in excess of $200 Million Dollars. His expertise has culminated into the organization, JUBOH Companies International Inc. a  multinational conglomerate of award-winning companies spanning Real Estate, Healthcare, Transportation, Government Affairs, Executive Consulting, and Education and Non-Profit sectors

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Jalen Uboh has created a multitude of companies to help you achieve what that looks like for you.


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