Our Founder & Our President

The JUBOH Foundation, also known as the JUBOH Family Foundation is founded by Mr. Jalen Uboh as an non-profit arm of his global organizations in 2015. Mr. Uboh serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Today this 501(c)3 organization is managed day-to-day by his beautiful wife Mrs. Anika Carter-Uboh, where she serves as President & Executive Director of The JUBOH Foundation overseeing our impact globally.  

Our Mission & Guiding Light

Our mission is to provide a full comprehensive suite of services and support to individuals in local communities globally in the areas of : economic and community development, educational, employment, and skill-building initiatives, women empowerment, and social equity and justice. Our guiding light and core of our mission  is centered around the South African phrase, “Ubuntu” which means “I Am Because We Are.” The phrase speaks to ” a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.” It can also be described as the universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. We believe each and every one of us serves a purpose to help another; the capsulation of Ubuntu harnesses the spirit of what the mission of The JUBOH Foundation is about.


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Our Programs

The JUBOH Foundation is a global foundation that operates international missions in overseas markets through various initiatives such as micro-lending to disadvantaged groups, employment opportunities, clean water, and food and clothing distribution initiatives. 

Our affordable housing program was created to fill the gap of dispropriate amount of American citizens that are homeless and/or those that our under-housed. Through the JUBOH Foundation, we have made it our mission to work alongside federal, state, and local housing authorities to develop, build, and finance affordable housing projects; in an effort to promote community development, sustainable living, and advanced opportunities to a better quality of living.

We also provide low to moderately-priced real development consulting services for local/state and federal agencies and individual small businesses. We host a webinar-based training program for real estate entrepreneurs.

If you are in need of immediate housing, please contact the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for emergency housing resources toll-free at (800) 569-4287.


Our Small Business Development (SBD) & Minority Business Education is a culmination of year of experience gathered by industry experts prepared in a easy to use online video platform called JUBOH Business Academy. Through our business academy, we offer over 60 award-winning business programs that educate in the areas of small business startups, capital raising strategies, and building a team, sales, and marketing, social media marketing.

The JUBOH Business Academy also includes programs as well as industry-specific courses such as:

  • Government Contracts
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Childcare
  • Real Estate
  • Business Funding
  • Drones
  • Non-Profit Business

To view our course catalog, visit us at: www.JalenUboh.com/shop 

One of the core tenants of the JUBOH Foundation is to promote the literacy and active growth of women-owned small businesses. Our programs include women-specific workshops, curated events, and opportunities for women to network and grow together. Our large annual events include : Women’s Brunch 

The JUBOH Foundation’s Access to Capital (ACE) program in partnership with Ellis & Whitmore Capital Bank (a CDFI pending applicant) is a program dedicated to giving small businesses, non-profits, and 

JUBOH Foundations hosts yearly educational initiatives and scholarships to student and parents nationwide. We support all levels of education, including K-12, post-secondary education and military education initiatives. 

We provide professional staffing services and skills building programs for those reentering the job market and seeking gainful employment.

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