“How-To” Course on Starting a Drone Retail / Servicing Firm


Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as DRONES are becoming an ever-increasing part of our lives! Whether in agriculture, law enforcement, healthcare, utilities, real estate, or the TV and film industry; as the need for more additional use cases and demand generators become apparent, there is also a need for more commercial drone businesses (retailers and serving companies). This “How-To” Guide will teach you how to take advantage of this $100 Billion Dollar Industry and how to leverage your skills and abilities to make millions of dollars doing it.


In this “How-To” Course you can expect to learn the following:

  • Current Industry and Future Market Trends of the UAV / Aerospace Sectors
  • Current Use Cases of Drones in the Commercial Marketplace
  • Forming a Business-Centered Around Retailing and/or Servicing Drones
  • How to Make Millions of Dollars Selling Drones to the Government
  • Future Applications of Technology
  • International Business Opportunities with Drone Technology
  • Creating Long-Term Jobs for Technologists / Drone Mechanics
  • Opportunities to work with JUBOH Aerospace
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