Customer and Market Research Assessment


A market assessment is a comprehensive analysis of your company’s competitors, consumers, and other industry stakeholders.

A critical part of your company documentation, a market assessment enables your company to understand the need and demand for its business offerings in the market. It provides details on market opportunities, growth drivers and barriers, industry cost structure, distribution channels, market trends, key success factors, market competitiveness, and consumer preferences.

Conducting a market assessment study is critical for your company whether you are looking to launch, expand your business or grow your consumer base.

It includes:

  • Market Dynamics: Outlines the historical and forecasted market growth rates, market segments, drivers and barriers, regulations, and market trends
  • Competitive Landscape: Outlines the overall competitiveness of the market, market share of key players, capability, opportunity, and threat analysis, and competitive benchmarking
  • Consumer Dynamics: Offers insights into consumers’ requirements, preferences, purchase behavior, and maximum willingness to pay


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