JUBOH Foundation Secures a DoD Contract

JUBOH Foundation Secures 1-Year DoD Contract

JUBOH Foundation Secures Department of Defense Contract to Enhance Prevention Education for U.S. Marine Corps


Atlanta, April 1, 2024 – JUBOH Companies is proud to announce that its non-profit arm, the JUBOH Foundation, has been awarded a prestigious contract from the Department of Defense (DoD) to support the United States military’s long-term educational goals. This year-long collaboration will focus on increasing prevention education and enhancing curriculum design specifically tailored for the U.S. Marine Corps.

The JUBOH Foundation, known for its commitment to developing educational solutions that foster safer and more informed communities, will lead this significant project. The initiative aims to design and develop comprehensive educational materials that will be utilized by over 180,958 active duty personnel and 32,400 reserve personnel across global U.S. Marine deployments.

Key Highlights of the Contract:

Curriculum Development: The JUBOH Foundation will work in close collaboration with the U.S. Marine Corps to create tailored educational content that addresses specific needs in prevention education.
Global Reach: Educational materials will be distributed to U.S. Marines stationed worldwide, ensuring a broad impact on the effectiveness of prevention strategies within the military.
Expert Collaboration: The project will leverage the expertise of JUBOH Foundation’s seasoned educators and curriculum designers, alongside military specialists, to produce the most relevant and impactful educational collateral.

“This contract marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to support our armed forces through education,” said Anika Carter-Uboh, President/Executive Director of JUBOH Foundation. “We are honored to work alongside the U.S. Marine Corps in this capacity and are committed to delivering a curriculum that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of such a revered institution.”

The JUBOH Foundation’s initiative is a reflection of its mission to empower individuals through education and its dedication to contributing positively to community welfare, including the military community. This partnership underscores the foundation’s capabilities in addressing the unique challenges and requirements of military education and training.

For more information about the JUBOH Foundation and its projects, please visit [www.JUBOHFoundation.org](http://www.jubohfoundation.org).

About JUBOH Companies:
JUBOH Companies is a diversified conglomerate with interests in various sectors, including non-profit endeavors through the JUBOH Foundation. The foundation focuses on creating educational programs that promote safety, awareness, and community engagement.

Media Contact:
Jaylen Amica
Communications Director
JUBOH Companies


Note: For further details, please contact the media relations office or visit the JUBOH Foundation website.*

This press release aims to inform the public and relevant stakeholders about the new collaboration between the JUBOH Foundation and the U.S. Marine Corps, highlighting the project’s scope and the foundation’s commitment to impactful educational initiatives.

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