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Who This Private Invitation Is Ideal For ...

This PRIVATE INVITATION is ONLY for government contract professionals who are tired and frustrated with investing countless hours in training courses with lofty promises that produce only mediocre results.

If you can’t relate to that paragraph above, please re-read it until it really sinks in before you continue reading, okay?

We’re not looking to help “opportunity seekers” (a.k.a. “Bright Shiny Object” chasers) who feel a sense of entitlement their training decision will create multiple streams of income for there’s of their life.

This private invitation is exclusively for this who wish to tap into the decades of business intelligence and combined experience in Government Contracts, Investing, and Development in both Residential and Commercial Real Estate.

Jalen Uboh at the groundbreaking ceremony of his luxury residential real estate development project.

A picture of our first construction contract secured on behalf of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Learn From Jalen Uboh Who Has Secured Over
$100 Million Dollars In Government Deals

Mr. Uboh speaks to a crowd of 200+ people at his non-profit foundation’s annual Christmas Gala and donates over $230,000 in one evening.

Mr. Uboh built his own affordable luxury quality homes at the height of the pandemic to increase equity in minority communities.

Mr. Uboh and his companies secured a multi-vehicle fleet contract under the Department of Defense (DOD).

Mr. Uboh and his companies secured a $100 Million + Artificial Intelligence and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drones Contract with foreign and domestic governments.

Are you ready to learn from the best in the business? Jalen Uboh isn’t just a coach; he’s a proven leader who has personally secured over $100 million in government contracts. With years of unmatched experience and success, Jalen is your guide to navigating the complex world of government contracts.

Why Learn from Jalen?

  • Proven Success: Jalen’s strategies and insights come from decades of real-world experience, leading to over $100 million in secured contracts. This isn’t just theory; it’s practice proven to succeed.
  • Expert Guidance: Under Jalen’s mentorship, you’ll learn the secrets that made him a top player in the industry. His hands-on approach means you get direct access to strategies adapted to the current market dynamics.
  • Inspiring Leader: Jalen’s dynamic teaching style not only educates but also motivates and inspires action. His leadership transforms potential into success, guiding you through every step of your government contracting journey.

What Will You Gain?

  • In-Depth Knowledge: From the fundamentals to advanced tactics, learn everything required to bid, win, and manage lucrative government contracts.
  • Strategic Advantage: Equip yourself with insider knowledge that sets you apart from the competition. Jalen teaches you how to identify opportunities, tailor bids, and execute contracts efficiently.
  • Mentorship: Direct mentorship from Jalen and his team of seasoned coaches in the GovCon One program ensures personalized advice tailored to your unique business needs.

Join GovCon One Today!

Don’t miss the chance to be coached by a $100 million government contract winner. Enroll in GovCon One and take the first step towards becoming a government contracting expert. Let Jalen Uboh lead you from learning to earning.

GovCon One Program Includes:

Business Strategy Consultation

We Teach You How to Master the S.P.R.E. Methodology

Welcome to a Revolutionary Approach

Are you ready to transform your career and scale your business by mastering government contracts? Our S.P.R.E. Methodology is a game-changer for professionals eager to succeed in this lucrative field. Designed by Jalen Uboh, a $100 Million Dollar Government Contract Coach, this methodology is at the heart of our elite training program, GovCon One.

What is the S.P.R.E. Methodology?

S.P.R.E. stands for Source, Price, Respond, and Execute. Each component is crafted to address the critical stages of securing and fulfilling government contracts:

  • Source: Learn how to identify and select contract opportunities that align best with your business capabilities and strategic goals.
  • Price: Master the art of competitive pricing strategies that ensure profitability while remaining attractive to government agencies.
  • Respond: Develop compelling proposals that stand out. Gain insights into the nuances of proposal writing that wins contracts.
  • Execute: Deliver on your contracts effectively and efficiently, ensuring compliance and client satisfaction, which paves the way for future opportunities.

Onboarding Call

Expect a Onboarding Call with Our Team

Congratulations on Taking Your First Step Towards Becoming a Government Contracts Expert!

You’ve made a significant decision to elevate your career, and we’re thrilled to welcome you to our GovCon One family. To get you started, we will schedule an exclusive onboarding call designed to maximize your program experience from day one.

What to Expect from Your Onboarding Call

Personalized Welcome: Meet your GovCon One mentor, who will guide you through the next 12 weeks. This call is your opportunity to connect directly with a seasoned expert who will be your navigator and supporter throughout your journey.

Program Walkthrough: We’ll take you through the program’s structure, highlighting key milestones and what each phase entails. From mastering the S.P.R.E. Methodology to your first bid on a real contract, we cover it all.

Setting Goals: Discuss your individual goals and expectations. This is a crucial part of the call, as it helps us tailor your GovCon One experience to fit your personal and professional aspirations.

Tools and Resources: Learn about the resources at your disposal. We’ll introduce you to our learning platform, tools for collaboration and communication, and how to access our exclusive member-only webinars and live sessions.

Q&A Session: Have questions? We have answers! This part of the call is dedicated to addressing any inquiries or concerns you might have, ensuring you start with clarity and confidence.

Your Success is Our Mission

Our GovCon One program isn’t just about learning; it’s about transforming. With direct mentorship, hands-on training, and access to significant contract opportunities, your potential to succeed is limitless. Here’s what you can look forward to:

90 Day Execution Plan

Introducing the 90-Day Execution Plan for GovCon One Members!

Transform Your Potential into Success with Structured Precision

Unlock your potential to become a government contracts expert with our exclusive 90-Day Execution Plan, included with your enrollment in the GovCon One program. This meticulously crafted plan is designed to accelerate your growth and ensure you hit the ground running from day one.

Why a 90-Day Execution Plan?

Fast-Track Your Learning: The first 90 days are critical. Our plan provides you with a clear roadmap, breaking down complex processes into manageable actions, setting the pace for success in government contracting.

Structured for Success: Every week is planned with targeted activities that build upon each other. You will not just learn but apply each element of the S.P.R.E. Methodology—Source, Price, Respond, and Execute—with precision.

Accountability and Support: You’re not alone on this journey. The plan includes regular check-ins with your mentors and coaches, ensuring you stay on track and overcome any challenges swiftly.

Features of the 90-Day Execution Plan

Week-by-Week Milestones: From understanding the fundamentals of government contracting to submitting your first bid, each week brings you closer to your goals. We outline specific tasks to complete, so you always know what’s next.

Interactive Learning Assignments: Engage with hands-on tasks that reinforce your learning. Whether it’s market analysis, pricing strategies, or proposal writing, you get to practice in real-world scenarios.

Live Coaching Sessions: Twice weekly, you’ll participate in live sessions with Jalen Uboh and our team of experienced business coaches. These sessions are designed to energize and inspire, giving you direct access to expert advice and peer discussions.

Performance Tracking: Regular assessments allow you to see your progress, understand your strengths, and identify areas for improvement. This feedback is crucial for your personal and professional development.

Exclusive Resources: Gain access to premium resources, including templates, checklists, and insider tips that simplify the complexities of government contracting.

Your Pathway to Winning Big

The 90-Day Execution Plan is more than a schedule; it’s a commitment to your success. By the end of these three months, you will not only have a solid foundation but also the confidence to bid on and win significant government contracts.

Ready to kickstart your journey in government contracting with a clear, actionable, and results-driven roadmap? Join GovCon One today, and let’s make these 90 days the most transformative of your career.


Example of a Your GovCon 90-Day Execution Plan

Three Live Trainings Per Week

Maximize Your Government Contracting Skills with Our Three Essential Weekly Live Trainings!

Transform Your Career with GovCon One Live Trainings

At GovCon One, we believe in a robust and interactive learning environment that pushes you to reach your full potential in the government contracting sector. That’s why we offer three specialized live trainings every week, each designed to cater to different aspects of your government contracting journey. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine advanced skills, our live trainings ensure you have the knowledge and support you need to succeed.

1. Weekly Government Contracts Fundamentals Call

Foundation for Success: Every week, dive deep into the essentials of government contracting. This fundamental call is perfect for newcomers and those needing a refresher, covering everything from basic terminologies to the core processes of sourcing contracts. Equip yourself with the foundational knowledge necessary to confidently navigate the complex government contracting landscape.

2. GovCon Mentor / Accountability Call Weekly

Guidance and Growth: Accountability is key in ensuring consistent progress and ultimate success. Our weekly Mentor/Accountability Calls connect you with seasoned experts and a community of peers who understand your challenges and goals. These sessions are designed to track your progress, set weekly objectives, and provide personalized mentorship. You’ll receive actionable feedback, encouragement, and the motivation to stay on course toward your targets.

3. GovCon Advanced Call

Mastering Complexity: Ready to take your skills to the next level? The GovCon Advanced Call is tailored for those who already have a solid understanding of the basics and are looking to tackle more complex aspects of government contracting. From advanced pricing strategies to sophisticated proposal writing, these sessions delve into high-level topics that prepare you to compete for and win more substantial contracts.

Why Choose Our Live Trainings?

  • Interactive and Engaging: Our live calls are interactive, giving you the chance to ask questions, participate in discussions, and receive real-time feedback.
  • Expert-Led Sessions: Learn from and interact with Jalen Uboh and a team of expert coaches who bring decades of experience in government contracting.
  • Community Support: Join a community of like-minded professionals who are as determined as you are. Network, share, and grow together.

Take the Next Step

Are you ready to elevate your government contracting capabilities? Enroll in GovCon One today and gain access to our exclusive weekly live trainings. Start with the fundamentals, build accountability with mentorship, and master advanced techniques to propel your career forward.

Let’s turn your government contracting goals into achievements. Join us, and be part of a winning team dedicated to your success!

Jalen Uboh's GovCon One Elite Coaching Program

The Most Elite Government Contracts Coaching Program in the World
$ 20,000
One-Time Fee (90-Day Program)
  • Onboarding Call
  • Weekly Calls with GovCon Master Coach Jalen Uboh
  • Business Strategy Consultation
  • 90-Day Execution Plan
  • Three Live Trainings Every Week
  • Certification Learning Path
  • Weekly Accountability Groups
  • Private GovCon One Facebook Group
  • Intimate Events & Dinners with Jalen Uboh
  • 1 Year Membership to Women of Wealth (Ladies Only)
  • Access to Secure Virtual Data Room with Over 100+ Templates, Guides
  • Government Contracts Compliance Handbook

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