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Compress JUBOH'S Decade Of Business Experience Into a 2 DAY Seminar And Scale Your Business to 6 And 7 Figures And Beyond With Predictability & Certainty


Standard Price: $13,950

Who This Private Invitation Is Ideal For ...

Dear Future Government Contractors,

I hope this message finds you well. I am excited to extend a private invitation to an event that could be a game-changer for you and your business. Do you feel stuck in the “rat race” of your industry? Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines while others succeed? If so, I invite you to join me at the GovWin LIVE Seminar in Atlanta, Georgia. This event is specifically designed to educate, inspire, and empower business professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators to soar in sales, strategy, and scaling their businesses in how to win government contracts. By attending this event, you will have the opportunity to mastermind with like-minded individuals who share your passion for success. Plus, as my special guest, you can bring along two of your esteemed business colleagues to enjoy the experience with you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to change your life and grow your business. I look forward to seeing you there.

Hosted at JUBOH Companies Global Headquarters – Atlanta

Learn How Jalen Uboh Built a $100 Million Global Business In 10 Years at the
GovWIN Ready Semina

What Will This 2-Day Seminar Cover?

Day 1: Introduction to Simplified Acquisition Procedure Contracts and the S.P.R.E. Method

Session 1: Introduction to Federal Simplified Acquisition Procedures & State/Local Contracts

  • Overview of simplified acquisition
  • Importance in government contracting
  • Key regulations and policies

Session 2: Sourcing (S.P.R.E. Method)

  • Learning Objective: Understand how to identify and select potential suppliers.
  • Topics: Market research, vendor selection criteria, publicizing requirements.

Session 3: Pricing (S.P.R.E. Method)

  • Learning Objective: Gain skills in pricing strategies and cost analysis.
  • Topics: Cost estimation, price analysis, fair and reasonable pricing.

Session 4: Responding (S.P.R.E. Method)

  • Learning Objective: Learn how to prepare and respond to solicitations.
  • Topics: Proposal preparation, bid submission, communication with agencies.

Day 2: Executing Contracts and Understanding Contract Phases

Session 1: Executing (S.P.R.E. Method)

  • Learning Objective: Develop skills in contract execution and management.
  • Topics: Contract administration, performance monitoring, amendments.

Session 2: Pre-Award Phase

  • Learning Objective: Understanding the steps leading up to a contract award.
  • Topics: Requirement definition, solicitation, evaluation of offers.

Session 3: Award Phase

  • Learning Objective: Comprehend the processes during contract award.
  • Topics: Selection process, contract formation, notification.

Session 4: Post-Award Phase

  • Learning Objective: Identify key activities after a contract is awarded.
  • Topics: Contract administration, performance management, closeout procedures.

Additional Resources

GOVWIN SCORE Certification

The GovWIN Score is a fintech due diligence application for government / public sector markets supporting SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) seeking to win government contracts and/or take on capital. 

The GovWIN Score validates enterprise readiness of SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises), while it continually confirms the health of an enterprise monthly throughout its lifecycle. Monthly SCORE reports are provided to both the enterprise and the purchasing agency on a subscription model. The subscription model includes consulting with a Score expert, access to documents in the virtual data room, hundreds of business presentation templates, and GovWin Score updates.

The GovWin Score is determined by through a 334 attribute self-assessment completed by the
individual enterprise and is weighted with (5) distinct sections:
1. Company & Business
2. Contractor Capability & Financials
3. Process & Marketing
4. People & Culture
5. Legal – Risk – Documentation

Each section carries a possible score of 200 Points, for a total value of 1,000 Points. Each section will require that enterprise to submit upload supporting documentation to our secure data room to be evaluated. Once each assessment will be reviewed by our SCORE Experts and will assign an initial GovWIN ScoreTM. This GovWIN ScoreTM will then be the basis of what we will build from.

The goal is to get your company to a GovWIN ScoreTM of at least 925. A GovWIN score of at least 925 reflects exemplary ability by the firm to responsibly compete and bid on government procurement opportunities, with a higher than likely chance of winning the opportunity than with a lower score.

After you’ve completed your self-assessment, your GovWIN ScoreTM can be certified for a one–time fee of $1,00.00.


The GovWIN 360 Valut Unlocked is the Ultimate Experience on USB Flash Drive that will UNLOCK the Business Secrets and Success Strategies You Need to Grow to Your Highest Potential. It contains over 500 documents that can be converted to assist you in 

  • Higher Personal Achievement
  • Business Success Strategies
  • Leadership Development & System Implementation
  • Increased Revenue & Better Cashflow Management
  • Operational Procedures & Compliance Documents
  • HIgh Ticket Sales Scripts
  • Unique Marketing Strategies & Ways to More of Your Audieence

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect a 2-Day event packed with insightful information pertaining to Scaling & Pivoting your business led by our Chairman & CEO J.S. Uboh. 

This two-day event will be held at 1000 Parkwood Circle SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30339 near Truist Park – Atlanta Braves Stadium in Cobb County, Georgia. Registered attendees will receive directions to the facility, one day before the event. 

The venue is currently 30 minutes north of the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. 

No. The travel to and from Atlanta will be the responsibility of the attendee. If you require addiitonal assiatnce with travel and accomodations, we have a 24/7 VIP Concierge available to discuss your travel arrangements, additional fees may apply.

Yes! Remember the ticket price only covers yourself, so if you’d like to bring a guest we request you purchase an additional ticket.

We encourage you to bring  a packed lunch and snacks on both days, as well as refreshments throughout the seminar. Only water and granola bars will be provided as light refreshments.

Consider the following; a laptop or tablet., note pad, pens, and pencils.


The instructional sessions are 6 hours each day, including 30 minutes for lunch and (2) 15-minute breaks. 

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