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GovWin Score Certification

From: $500.00 every 6 months and a $2,500.00 sign-up fee



The GovWIN Score is a fintech due diligence application for government /public sector markets supporting SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) seeking to win government contracts.

The GovWIN Score validates the enterprise readiness of SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises), while it continually confirms the health of an enterprise monthly throughout its lifecycle. Monthly SCORE reports are provided to both the enterprise and the purchasing agency on a subscription model. The subscription model includes consulting with a Score expert, access to documents in the virtual data room, hundreds of business presentation templates, and GovWin Score updates

The GovWin Score is determined through a 334-attribute self-assessment completed by the individual enterprise and is weighted with (5) distinct sections:

  1. Company & Business
  2. Contractor Capability & Financials
  3. Process & Marketing
  4. People & Culture
  5. Legal – Risk – Documentation

Each section carries a possible score of 200 Points, for a total value of 1,000 Points. Each section will require that the enterprise submit upload supporting documentation to our secure data room to be evaluated. Once each assessment will be reviewed by our SCORE Experts and will assign an initial GovWIN Score™. This GovWIN Score™ will then be the basis of what we will build from.

The goal is to get your company to a GovWIN Score™ of at least 925. A GovWIN score of at least 925 reflects exemplary ability by the firm to responsibly compete and bid on government procurement opportunities, with a higher than likely chance of winning the opportunity than with a lower score.

After you’ve completed your self-assessment, your GovWIN Score™ can be certified for a one-time fee of $1,250.00.

Certification must be updated every 90 days to confirm all material is current and accurate.

Some of the items to be reviewed and inspected are the following:

  • Business Plan
    • 1-Page Tear Sheet
    • Executive Summary
    • Presentation Deck
    • Business Model Canvas
    • Summary of products & services
    • Projections, forecasts, Pro forma
    • Current balance sheet
    • Current profit & loss statement
    • Current cash flow report
    • Business valuation
    • Summary of all current debt
    • Aging report
    • Two years of business tax returns
    • Market research feasibility report
    • Leadership team bios/resumes
    • Intellectual property documentation
    • Offering docs (circular/ PPM)
    • Link to a virtual data room
    • References, citations, and annotations
    • Corporate video
    • Website Creation or Review
    • Due Diligence Report Final
    • Identify Government Audience
    • Confirm Government Audience Interest


GovWIN can help you with all these documents and services.

GovWin is a fintech back-office support system that serves both enterprises seeking capital and the capital marketplace. Specifically, GovWIN has designed a fintech to serve as the document manager for federal agencies, public sector network associations, procurement platforms, high-ranking government officials, procurement officials, government contracting officers, and contracting officer representatives. In this way, GovWin serves as a compliant, professional, timely, and experienced due diligence firm that delivers confidence to the government and procurement officials that when GovWin endorses a business, it is sound. The backbone of the fintech is the JUBOH GovWin proprietary GovWIN Score™ that confirms enterprise qualification and procurement type.

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