Ultimate Non-Profit Guide 2023


One of the most rewarding things we can do as an individual is to give back to our favorite causes, charities, or nonprofit organizations. We find peace, solace, and even a euphoric feeling when this happens. This “How To” Guide on Starting a Non-Profit Organization is a great tool to show you the steps from A-Z on how to

  • How to Form your legal Non-Profit Organization as a 501c3 Not-For-Profit Organization
  • How to Obtain $100K+ in Sponsorships & Donations
  • Building Systems & Processes to Grow your Non-Profit
  • How to Broker Deal with For Profit Enitites
  • Development of Real Estate: Affordable Housing or Multi-Family Properties
  • How to Secure Government Contracts & Grants under 47.% Million Dollars
  • How to Successfully Organize Community Events & Fundraisers
  • Identify a Board of Directors & Executive Team


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