Essential 360 Workshop (Bundle Pack)


The Essentials 360 Workshop is the ultimate bundle pack of our Sales Execution, Marketing Masteru, Finance Essentials, Operational Excellence, Leadership Essential, and People Essentials workshops in one complete bundle to give you the 360-degree experience to take your organization to the next level.



Includes all workshops!
Marketing Execution Workshop
Sales Execution Workshop
Leadership Essentials Workshop
People Essentials Workshop
Finance Essentials Workshop
Operations Essentials Workshop

What You Get:
Marketing: Build Your Brand Message, Identify Your Perfect Customer, Build Targeted Messages, Landing Page Conversion Checklist, Lead Generation Offers, Social Media Schedule, Awareness Campaign, Advertising Plan.
Sales: Perfect Sales Process, Phone Scripts, Build Targeted Messages, Product Presentation Map, Objection Handling Scripts, Negotiating Strategies, 365 Day Follow-Up Plan, Inventory & Offer Strategy.
Leadership Essentials Workshop: This workshop is your chance to listen, learn and interact with one of, if not the definitive authority on leading and scaling businesses. In addition to building, leading, growing, and then selling several businesses of his own , Jalen Uboh has helped countless entrepreneurs do the same with their businesses. In his Leadership & Scaling Workshop, he’ll show you how to do the same to achieve your goal whether it’s maximum potential, profit, or payout.
People Essentials Workshop: The People Essentials Workshop is a part of the Business Summit, which is a week-long event designed to give you the skills to align, develop, transition employees, and much more! This workshop is taught by Anika Uboh, President of Operations at JUBOH Companies and people EXPERT. People move businesses, and this two-day workshop will get your people working with you, not against you.
Finance Essentials Workshop: Learn what it takes to master your financial future:
Understanding how to interpret basic financial statements, How to properly financially incentivize a team, Bringing on partners, investors, or key team members and Preparing to buy or sell the business

Operations Essentials Workshop: A 2-day event designed to give you the skills you need to understand how to maintain a positive and well-oiled running company – the operations behind it.

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