Entrepreneurship Course: Building a 21st Century Business

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JUBOH Business Academy presents “Building a 21st Century Business” to provide educational instruction on how new and existing entrepreneurs can begin to start and grow their small businesses in the United States.


This course introduces young entrepreneurs to the basics of creating and financing a successful business. You will learn to evaluate your ideas, choose the best financing options and legally register your business. The course will point you to the resources you need on your entrepreneurial journey.

Course Objectives
Entrepreneurship can be an exciting adventure, and if you’re young it might be easier than you think.
This course has four key objectives.
1.    Describe the fundamentals of entrepreneurship
2.    Identify the options for doing business that are ideal for young entrepreneurs
3.    Explain the first steps to starting your business
4.    Give examples of entrepreneurial support resources

Course Topics
The topics discussed in this course include:
– Developing a business idea
– Conducting market research
– Running an online business
– Working from home
– Freelancing
– Franchising
– Developing a business plan
– Understanding finance options
– Identifying business structures
– Summarizing business registration
– Finding entrepreneurial support resources

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