Entrepreneurship Course: $100K Government Contracting Bootcamp

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JUBOH Business Academy Presents ” $100K Government Contracting Bootcamp” a crash course into Simplified Acquisition Procedure (SAP) contracts and opportunities for Small Businesses ( Minority, Veteran-Owned, Woman-Owned, and Economically Disadvantaged groups) to bid on government contracts and grants.


The $100K Government Contracting Bootcamp will be a live event hosted to discuss Simplified Acquisition Procedures, Acquisition Strategies, Understanding of Government Purchasing Trends, and Demonstration of Government Acquisition Tools + Systems.

In this two-day live Bootcamp, you can expect the following:

  • LIVE Tutorials on Government Contract Acquisition and Systems

  • LIVE Q&A Sessions

  • LIVE discussions on trends for the 2021 Fiscal Year in Government Contracting

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